Nutzungsbedingungen / Impressum
CLCK-Logo by CWS
Logo kindly provided by CWS.
Check out the latest Crazy Light release candidate 11-Nov-2008! (includes 1541 and 1581 image)
Also check out the Tutorial and Demo game (beta) 24-Jun-2006!
For those having trouble figuring things out, this video turorial might be helpful:

There are plans to do a new Construction Kit called "Crazy Light Tools" which are based on the new Crazy Light Engine: and include all editors you need in order to build a complete new and selfrunning Boulder Dash.
You always can download the latest beta wip versions from the link above. And read about the latest news at the Boulder Dash Forum.
Some parts of these betas are German only. The English translation will be part of the final release though. Changes in these plans are possible.
The format is fix: You can load 24 in the worst case and a maximum of 48 caves. A game can already run with one cave. A new patch system enables the user to extend the engine inside the cave pack.
In case you still don't have it, here is "Crazy Dream 8", the 1st game using the new Engine: leech_me

What's new compared to Marek's de Luxe Construction Kit v2.x?:
- No One's Enemy Designer v3.0 for CrLi included.

- better scroll detection: Rockford does not stand that close to the lower border anymore.

- grafik optimization: Amoeba looks exactly like in BD1 and Slime like the original No1-Amoeba, which has bigger holes and the color of the unmodified dirt. Btw. Prof. Knibble removed the BD2 dird mod for effect reasons, which will be remain this way in v3.0. However you got the original BD1/PCLK dirt back, so the game looks a bit nicer. And Rockford can hang his arms again.

- drive independed: You no longer need a 1541 or an emulation of that. You can use a 1581 (also the highscores are fixed for sub partitions now) or store all data directly to a hard disk. The CBM-DOS directory functions are supported, but not required, if you prefer to enter the file names out of your memory or your drive doesn't support that directory function for some reason.

- All editors are very enhanced or completely rewritten, so they are again a lot more comfortable, now.

- the ghosts and surprise explosions were replaced by falling walls, acid and boxes. Of course you can import you old caves, as long they don't use those old elements. You can even load them directly into the cavepacker.

- titlescreen with more colors, more text characters and accessible highscore table on keypress.

- cave dissolve effect, "out of time" and "game over" messages reimplemented.

- several minor bug fixes on: enemy direction auto switch, PLCK import filter, mouse driver, hanging with a certain 1541 model, rare crashes of the construction kit.

- There is a novice mode, which forces the construction kit to only allow classical Boulder Dash caves (sort of).

- PAL timing emulation on NTSC systems. (This is a rough approximation, though. There can be no exact TV system emulation on a C64) It is recommended that you use PAL in an emulator since approx. 99% of all Boulder Dash and its fandom is PAL oriented. I really have no clue, why there are virtually no Americans and Japanese.

To Do: (in no particular order)
- Redocument my lost notes. (WIP)

- Additions in BDInside FAQ. (WIP)

- new manual (WIP)

- A whole tutorial game with a manual explaining all the elements. This is useful for Boulder Dash newbies and also for cave creator not knowing already all of the elements. It will contain a ghost cave, just for the sake of completenes. (WIP)

- Adapting No One's Enemiedesigner for the CrLi-Format.

Known bugs:
- only drive 8 works flawless for now.

- For some reason, with the Cave Packer, you can not load a cavepack properly when using the Action Replay's Disk-Turbo. Though it works fine without it on virtualy all kind of supported data storage devices with and without hardware speeder.

- items menu stay open with primary button is broken.

- several display glitches with ROM revision 2 and with the PET64 ROM.

- Linker: complete.

- Title Editor: complete.

- cave packer complete.

- game engine: complete.

- De Luxe Kit v3.0: complete.

- No One's Enemy Designer v3.0 for CrLi: complete.

- The editors now work on any file system. However with CCS64 the directory does not work without disk drive emulation. This is no bug but a limitation of that emulator. Ask the emulator programmer to implement a directory function for hard disk directories.

- game history (to be updated)

Well, Crazy Dream 8 was released some years ago, beeing the first game using the CrLi engine. During the development of the Crazy Light Tools, I also developed Crazy Dream 9, which is based in CrLi, but featues some dirty written extensions..

Even this editor is still beta, you can already use it to build your own Boulder Dash. The editor runs more stable than any Boulder Dash editor did before.

Further suggestions and bug reports not listed you may mail to me.

There is no release date. Finaly it is a hobby of mine to code these things. So please don't rush!