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The New Dash Dimension 2.31 Freeware 1995-2000 by LogicDeLuxe, written by Marek, released on 15-dec-2000 by Marek Roth.
Here the advantaged in comparison to usual Boulder Dash clones:
 - One of the best compatibles of all dash clones ever made on any system.
 - Now completely for free.
 - VGA soft scrolling
 - Polyphonic sounds on OPL2 based sound cards and GM through MPU401.
 - It runs on very fast machines and with Windows NT now! 
 - Free configurable Keyboard.

System requirements: 80286 or better with 640 KB Memory, 256 KB VGA card.
Optional supported: OPL2 sound card, GM through MPU401, PC speaker, Joystick, floating point processor (80x87).
Recommended for best game play: OPL2 sound card, digital joystick, 486DX or better.

Tested as working on these OSes so far:
MS-DOS 4.01, 5.0, 6.2, Windows 95, 95b, 98, ME, NT4, XP. Also runs in DOSEMU with some GFX cards.

Full playable basic pack and historic versions:
The new Dash Dimension 2.31 self extracting archive SFX.EXE
An optional installer in order to install the game (from cd or fd) INSTALL.EXE
The terrible, very early demo version 0.03 beta. (quite unusable) DASH003.ZIP
The registration key for earlier versions DASHREG.ZIP
The last EGA version (if you wish to play on antique hardware...) DASH14.ZIP
The last shareware release (without the -c64 bug) DASH222.ZIP
Add on levels:
Older add on levels LEVEL.RAR
Olaf olafdas.rar
Did you ever code a clone for youself and wanted to know if it is physic exact to the original? Check this with the test!
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