Is my engine physic exact to the original?

If you have a clone and want to know, I prepared a test for you to find it out. This test cave uses some of the most critical tricks and side effects of the original engine. download TESTCAVE.ZIP

Note that all enemies are facing downwards at the beginning, since this is the only way you can set them in the original PLCK cave format.

a) The firefly will enclose the amoeba together with the walls. The amoeba becomes a diamond and the firefly does not explode. When the firefly reaches the bottom of the path it will hit with the diamond and explode the same time as the firefly at b (if the engine is configured for turn amoeba to diamonds instantly, with the diamond birth sequence, filefly a explodes later). If the firefly would be one field lower, so it starts one closer to the amoeba, it will explode. This is because the amoeba has no chance to realize it can be expand to the right. Before it find a chance to expand it can not convert to diamonds. Of course there must not be any other amoeba in the cave with the ability to expand. However there may be any enclosed amoebas in the cave as long they do not exceed the maximum amoeba size. Note that there is a very little chance that the amoeba expands before the firefly comes to it so this test may fail then.

c) If you walk 2 steps to the right at start. The boulders fill fall and finaly lie in a row. You may or may not make a pause after the 1st step. The top and the middle boulder should fall each one step to the right the same time before falling down. The top boulder may not fall back to the left in the next step since boulders can not glide off falling boulder but only off lying boulders. If you step upwards at the start the boulders must not fall into a row. Try the same with part d! You should not be able to let the boulders fall in a row at all because of the different order the engine interpretes the elements.

e) It should be easily possible to walk up to the stone and to the right. The boulder hits the firefly and the way is open. The time the firefly starts walking from its place may differ each try. It depends on the direction the firefly faces at the moment of walking by. The enclosed firefly is rotating on its field by the engine, but one can not actually see this behavior. You are able to free a firefly or a butterfly by walking upwards in the left column. This is due to the order the engine interpretes the elements. All other walk by tricks should result to a explosion. Try this with f!

g) The top butterfly walks along the border and the bottom butterfly walks around itself. When walking along the border and a direction change inside a corner is required the enemy does not move from its place. When turning outside a corner (or on itself) there is no pausing for that step. This is why the bottom butterfly spins exactly twice that fast than the top one.

There are some more things you may test. This are just some common mistakes I saw on clones. If all this works on your clone, you are at least on the right way.